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Auto Augmentation Breast Lift Surgery Guide

Patient 2020-4003 - Cosmetic Surgery Training - Breast Lift Auto Augmentation

Auto Augmentation Breast Lift Surgery Guide Breast lifting is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure among female patients who have ptotic breasts. While a standard breast lift corrects sagging by lifting the breasts off the abdomen, it frequently results in a loss of one bra cup size or more. A breast…

Arm Lift Surgery Guide

Operation Guide: Brachioplasty with VASER Liposculpture

Arm Lift Surgery Guide Excess arm skin is a cosmetic problem. It often occurs due to aging or weight loss. As arm fat is lost, the skin may appear loose and deflated. Aging worsens the problem as collagen and elastin production slow with age. The presence of lax skin on…

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