Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya, MBBS, FRACS, MMIS, MSurgEd

Dr Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya

Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya (MED0000974976) MBBS, FRACS, MMIS, MSurgEd is a Registered medical practitioner, Specialist surgeon (specialist registration in Surgery – general surgery).

“My approach to patient care is deeply rooted in the principle of treating every patient with the same level of compassion, expertise, and attentiveness that I would want for my own family. From the initial diagnosis through to treatment, and ongoing follow-up, I am dedicated to guiding my patients every step of the way, ensuring they have the support they need to make a full recovery and reintegrate into the community at their peak condition.”

Meet Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya

Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya is one of NSW’s leading Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and patient care, Dr. Manju and his entire team offer comprehensive treatment options for those seeking upper gastrointestinal surgical solutions including weight loss surgery.

Dr Manju’s Philosophy

My practice operates on the core belief that every patient deserves personalised, high-quality care. Guided by this philosophy, I and my team ensure a patient-centered approach, tailoring each treatment to the individual’s needs, health goals, and circumstances.

Our Services

Dr Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya Services

Dr Manju’s Services in Maitland

Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya is highly experienced in providing a range of weight loss surgeries aimed at helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Understanding that each patient’s journey to weight loss is unique, Dr. Manju offers personalised consultations to determine the most effective surgical approach. These may include procedures such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and revisional surgeries for reflux and weight regain following bariatric surgery among others. Each surgery is performed with the utmost precision, care, and support, ensuring patients not only achieve their desired weight loss but also maintain it through a comprehensive post-operative care plan.

Meet Dr. Manju

Dr. Manjunath Siddaiah-Subramanya is a renowned Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon based in Sydney, NSW and now offering his expertise in Maitland. With extensive experience and a passion for improving patient outcomes, Dr. Manju leads his team with a blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication to excellence. He is committed to utilizing the latest surgical techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible results for his patients.

Why Choose Dr. Manju?

From your initial consultation through to surgery, recovery, and beyond, we’re dedicated to guiding you through each step with care and expertise. Under Dr. Manju’s leadership, we strive to provide exceptional care that meets and exceeds your health goals.

As an upper GI surgeon, he is one of the very few in NSW to have received training in all facets (Cancer, benign surgeries and bariatrics) of upper GI surgery in high volume institutes across Australasia and Europe.

  • Oesophagogastric cancer: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, third largest Upper GI unit in UK
  • Complex hiatal surgeries: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the referral centre for hiatal surgery for the entire midlands county.
  • Bariatric surgery: Austin hospital, the largest public bariatric centre in Australia.


  • Master Of Surgical Education – 2021 University of Melbourne
  • AANZGOSA – 2021 Australia
  • Master Of Minimally Invasive Surgery – 2018 University of Adelaide
  • GESA – 2019 Accredited for OGD and Colonoscopy
  • FRACS (Gen Surg) – 2016 Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • MRCS – 2006 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • MBBS – 2000 JSS Medical College, Mysore, India
  • CCrISP Instructor – Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • ASSET Instructor – Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Surgical Experience & Research

Dr. Manju has an extensive background in Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) surgery. His experience spans a wide range of procedures in cancer, benign and weight loss surgeries. In cancer surgeries, he has expertise in various approaches from traditional open surgeries to hybrid and minimally invasive techniques for oesophageal and gastric resections. Additionally, he is trained in highly complex resectional surgeries such as jejunal interposition flap reconstruction for laryngopharyngectomy and colonic transpositions. In the area of benign surgeries, he has high volume experience in reflux and hiatal surgeries including revisional surgeries for end stage reflux, and surgery for Oesophageal motility disorders (which was his thesis subject).

Furthermore, his experience in bariatric or metabolic surgeries ranges from primary procedures to revisional surgeries. They include sleeve gastrectomy, various types of bypasses, and complex revisional operations.

Dr Manju’s research interest lies in various facets of Upper GI surgery and surgical education. He has investigated the role of lymph node dissection in gastric cancer, various aspects relating to treatment of oesophageal cancer and its outcomes, fundoplication in GORD and following Heller Myotomy, and the use of mesh in hiatus hernia. He has explored different surgical training methodologies available to trainees regarding operative skills and their efficacies, research opportunities for medical students, training elements in minimally invasive surgery and psychosocial consequences of complications on the surgeons.

During the process, he has led research projects in the UK and Australia resulting in numerous publications, book chapters and two masters. He has and continues to supervise and mentor medical students, surgical trainees and Master’s students in various aspects of research and surgical education.

At the national level he is an executive board member for AANZGOSA, RACS UGI sub-committee and Sydney Upper GI Surgical Society upholding and influencing surgical practice at the highest level.

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