10 Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

Perhaps you’ve been considering arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) for some time. If you are on the fence, here are the top ten reasons to consider it. It’s for these powerful benefits that 168,289 people chose to have upper arm lift surgery in 2019.

1. It removes saggy skin

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It removes saggy skin

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Saggy upper arms can be an issue for many people, especially those that have achieved extreme weight loss through bariatric surgery, exercise, or dieting. Sagging skin can also develop on the back of the upper arms as a person gets older. Over the years, the skin’s collagen and elastin stores decrease, causing loose skin to form.

If you have moderate-to-severe arm skin laxity, arm lift surgery is considered one of the most effective solutions. During the arm lift procedure, Dr Beldholm makes vertical incisions on the upper arms and trims off the excess skin. As he closes the incisions, the skin on the upper arms becomes smoother and firmer-looking.

2. It removes stubborn fat

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It removes stubborn fat

Excess fat in the upper arms can affect just about anyone, even if they have reached a healthy weight. Despite diet and exercise, resistant arm fat can sometimes remain behind. Genetics plays a role in body fat distribution, as do a person’s biological sex and hormones. For example, research shows that women are more likely to store unwanted fat in their upper arms than men.

If healthy lifestyle changes haven’t made a noticeable difference to the amount of fat stored in your upper arms, arm lift surgery could be worth considering. For additional arm fat removal, Dr Beldholm may suggest adding VASER liposuction to the arm lift procedure. This specific combination is medically known as VASER-assisted brachioplasty.

Arm lift surgery without liposuction will remove the extra fat that is attached to the loose skin that is resected, so you should notice a decrease in upper arm fat even if you don’t add arm liposuction to your arm lift surgery.

After removing the excess fat surgically, the upper arm fat is unlikely to return unless you gain weight in the future. Dr Beldholm will provide you with personalised guidance and aftercare instructions so your arm lift and liposuction results last as long as possible.

3. It may make it easier to see your biceps

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It may make it easier to see your biceps

It can be extremely difficult to see the arm muscles when there is excess skin and fat in the way. By removing the extra skin and fat, arm lift surgery may make it easier to see the biceps and triceps you’ve worked hard to build during trips to the gym.

Some of Dr Beldholm’s arm lift surgery patients tell him they feel more motivated to exercise after they have recovered from arm lift surgery since they can finally see the muscle tone that was previously hidden by loose skin and excess fat.

While there is no guarantee that arm lift surgery will turn you into a gym devotee, you may feel more compelled to work out since it should be easier to see the rewards of your exercise efforts.

4. It improves the arm shape

Excess skin and fat can make the upper arms look bulky. This may limit a person’s clothing choices. Some people with bulky upper arms prefer to wear cardigans or jackets even when it’s hot outside, hoping to avoid drawing attention to this particular area of their body. Arm lift surgery can improve the size and contours of the upper arms by getting rid of loose skin and fat deposits. After the operation, most patients notice their arms look sleeker, firmer, and more toned.

5. It can reduce skin rashes

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It can reduce skin rashes

Severely loose skin can cause uncomfortable friction between the skin folds, especially in massive weight-loss patients that have rapidly shed kilos. The physical rubbing can cause skin irritation that ultimately leads to skin abrasions or rashes. Sweat and bacteria can also flourish in the warm, moist environment between the skin folds, leading to rashes. Needless to say, this can be itchy, painful, or cause you to feel somewhat embarrassed. Arm lift surgery removes hanging skin folds and may reduce or eliminate skin infections in the upper arm area.

6. It may enhance your comfort during exercise

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It may enhance your comfort during exercise

After losing a substantial amount of weight, many people have excess upper arm skin. In severe cases, the skin folds can rub together, causing friction and discomfort during exercise. For these patients, removing loose skin folds and tightening the skin envelope during an arm lift surgery can eliminate rubbing and painful sensations so they can begin leading more active lives.

7. It may reduce excess sweating

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - It may reduce excess sweating

Removing excess skin folds during brachioplasty surgery may help some patients sweat less. Sweat glands are found throughout the skin. Cutting away the excess skin means there are fewer sweat glands. Fewer sweat glands mean less perspiration during physical activity.

Additionally, excessive perspiration can be caused by heat trapped between skin folds. Once the skin is smooth and tight after the operation, the skin has more surface area exposed to fresh air. In that sense, arm lift surgery may decrease underarm perspiration and lessen the frequency of dealing with sweat-stained shirts.

8. It provides better skin tightening than non-surgical options

While there are some less invasive alternatives to arm lift surgery, the results are usually nowhere close to the drastic skin tightening that brachioplasty can provide. Services such as BodyTite, Renuvion, and laser liposuction can only address minor-to-moderate sagging skin in the upper arms. If you have moderate-to-extreme skin laxity after you lost weight rapidly or grew older, brachioplasty surgery is likely going to be a better option.

9. The surgery is fully customisable

Arm lift surgery can be tailored to your exact concerns. Whether you need a mini arm lift to tighten sagging armpit skin, a full arm lift to remove excess skin and fat from the elbow to the underarm, or an extended arm lift that addresses lax skin on the upper arms and chest sides, there is a procedure for everyone. Options such as VASER liposuction can also be added to the procedure for added fat removal.

10. The results can last a very long time

Incredible Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery - The results can last a very long time

Arm lift surgery can result in dramatic skin tightening and drastically improved upper arm contours. As long as you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, you can expect your results to last for years or decades. The loose skin and fat are unlikely to come back, unless you gain and lose weight. Caring for your skin through a balanced diet, daily sunscreen application, and avoiding tobacco products can also make the results last a long time.

What do you think of having arm lift surgery?

If these benefits sound appealing to you, it may be time to start seriously considering arm lift surgery. Call Dr Bernard Beldholm in Newcastle or book online to schedule your consultation. He can tell you more about the pros and cons of arm lift surgery so you can make an informed decision about whether going under the knife is right for you.

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